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Social Anxiety Disorder is characterized by at least a 6-month duration of extreme avoidance of social situations due to fear of being judged. This goes way beyond being ‘shy.’ As one can imagine, this can negatively impact work, recreational, educational and social domains. The fear is specific to the fear of being judged. The fear is real. Left untreated, it can create a cycle of extreme social isolation, job loss, and destroyed interpersonal relationships.

It is thought that social anxiety disorder is both a product of nurture and nature in most cases. There are some widely accepted ways to treat this disorder, however, that can not only free a person from the grips, but allow him or her to thrive in social situations. Some suggestions are:

  • Reduce social media engagement that promotes social isolation. Take a chance on an exchange with a ‘real’ human. Walk outside and say hello to least one person. This may not be the most comfortable action, but it will prove to your mind that you are safe.
  • Employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy workbook to understand how to interrupt and replace dysfunctional thinking styles.
  • Use a power posture position for a change. Put your hands on your hips, hold your head high and practice making eye contact each day. Take the power back; your brain is trying to fool you about the perceived fear of interacting with others.
  • In many cases, EMDR or Hypnotherapy can help improve the self-dialogue.

You can overcome social anxiety. There is hope. Talk to a counselor today. You no longer have to suffer.

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