Speaking Engagements

If you are interested in recruiting a guest speaker to educate your colleagues, students, and clients on mental health topics, I have extensive experience in this area and would gladly attend your event to educate to raise awareness of how to navigate challenging situations, personalities, and conditions. See below for my experience:

  • Spring 2017 How to Improve Emotional Intelligence | Luncheon for Working Women Group at Legends, Boise, ID
  • Spring 2017 How to Deal with a Narcissist | Arts & Poetry Festival, Boise, ID
  • Fall 2017 How to Deal with Emotional Abuse | Fallapalooza, Meridian, ID
  • Winter 2017 How to Deal with Angry Clients | Group One Realty, Eagle, Idaho
  • Summer 2018 How to Manage Overwhelm | Hewlett-Packard HQ, Boise, ID
  • Winter 2018 How to Deal with Holiday Stress | Hewlett Packard HQ, Boise, ID
  • Summer 2019 Stress Management Tools During Recovery | Chrysalis Recovery House, Boise, ID