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“We provide the safety & sanctuary for you to feel better. We are dedicated to rapidly reducing
your anxiety, stress & overwhelm by merging cutting-edge technology with traditional
counseling so you can feel better faster.”

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Aligning Advancements In Technology With Traditional Therapies To Improve Brain Health And Emotional Wellbeing

At K-Counseling & Anxiety Treatment Center we specialize in leveraging continual advances in science and technology to provide efficient, effective solutions to provide healing and relief for our clients. Combined with more traditional therapies, we’ve discovered that a blend of services can provide long-lasting and permanent solutions to many issues that can arise in a person’s life. We honor a safe environment for everyone and work to find the best solution on an individualized basis. Working with anxiety, worry, concern, unease, apprehension, fear and phobias are really where we shine. We would be honored to learn more about you and seek to find a solution that provides hope and healing.

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Rice Paper Prison Book


Rice Paper Prison: Breaking Free From OCD

By Lisa Schiro, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Lisa Schiro, M.S. is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Breakthrough Coach in Boise, Idaho. She is an Author, Speaker, Instructor and EMDR Therapist. She is the owner of K-Counseling & Anxiety Treatment Center in Boise, Idaho.

“Lexie is a likable young woman who lives in a small town. She struggles to resist the urge to seek out odd-number combinations in order to feel safe. Lexie is ashamed. Lexie is exhausted. Lexie has Obsessive-compulsive disorder. She always feels odd because odd is what keeps her feeling safe. She is taken to the edge and back in this gripping story of a young woman who defies all ‘odds’ and tears her way out of her rice paper prison. Lexie is surprised by her courage and is relieved that there is hope just on the other side of the rice paper. And, hope she can change everything.”

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