Do you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and fried?

You are not alone. People are beginning to get tired of the proverbial ‘rat race’ and are actively seeking ways to slow down. We have become slaves to schedules. We awaken and immediately look at the clock. We rush from the moment we awaken until we fall exhausted asleep each night. Shockingly, even the average physician appointments last a mere 6 minutes in America. We have become undernourished, over-medicated and slaves to our belongings. Interestingly, even Great Britain has fallen prey to this fast lifestyle, as it was recently reported that approximately 25% of Brits do not their neighbors’ names. I posit that we have not only fallen into the hands of chaos but we are becoming increasingly isolated and alienated from each other.

Storage units in America are a billion dollar industry. Americans have become slaves to their items. It should be noted that the billion dollar valuation on storage units does not take into consideration all of the items currently being stored.

People want a change; they desire to slow down. There is a grass roots movement taking shape and more and more people are looking for ways to not only simplify belongings, but to take a departure from the chaos that an over-extended life brings. Did you know there is a “Society for the Deceleration of Time?”

In the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love,” Julia Roberts experiences the joy of doing nothing. This a foreign concept to most Americans. What does all of this mean? It means Americans can slow down by choice. Ask for help. Purposely procrastinate. Step away. Say no. Do something nice for yourself each day. Turn your phone off during mealtime; you aren’t the President of the United States. Include meditation into your morning ritual. A mere 10 minutes/day can have positive health benefits. You’ll begin to find your purpose and take joy in doing nothing. It isn’t a step backward to slow down. You might be surprised how you will begin to prioritize your day and be more efficient – just don’t forget to squeeze in some you time. Your life will improve because your life will be filled with joy and will become your life again. Remember joy? You’re worth it. You matter. You can do this.

~Lisa Schiro, M.S., LPC-5494