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Human motivation has fascinated me since I began my academic career and it is the compelling reason I became a mental health therapist. There are some golden nuggets I have learned along the way.
Most people can talk themselves into just about anything. Most people can get excited about an idea. However, very few are able to actualize their ideas. And, even fewer are living the life of their dreams. In fact, the vast majority of people are living a life of mediocrity. My research reflects that well over 90% fail to accomplish the dreams they set out to achieve. Why?
What sets the successful apart from the rest?
Do they have a special gift to accomplish their dreams?
Are they smarter, healthier, younger, magical, etc?
Nope. Not even close. The great divide is comprised of two simple words: “MIND SET.”
Print this out and refer to it often:
1) Stop making excuses. Act now. Stop waiting for things to be perfect.
2) Be persistent – even when you don’t want to be.
3) Believe that you will make it. Visual prompts around your home will help remind your brain where you are headed (even on the worst days). Your belief is the gatekeeper that will control your motivation.
What are you waiting for?
~Lisa Schiro, M.S., LPC-5494
Anxiety Disorder Specialist
Owner of K-Counseling & Anxiety Treatment, LLC