Stop chasing the moving target.

It is possible to unplug and get lazy without the guilt. Call it self-care. Call it unplugging. Call it going dark. Call it getting off the grid. Call it what you want.

And then — do it. Yes, you can relax and do nothing. In fact, I highly recommend it. Even God took a break. You deserve to take a break, too.

The issue is how does one get lazy without feeling guilty.


Give it a time limit with a timer. Or — set a time that the ‘lazy’ will conclude. This is an effective way to do it without feeling bad about it.

And, quit comparing your productivity to high achievers. This is not helpful. And, stop apologizing for being unavailable for a little down time. After all, your cell phone is for your convenience; not everyone else’s.

Do your focused work sans distractions and the do your lazy sans distractions. not only will you be able to restore your energy and your mind, but it will help you feel more in control of your daily activities by squeezing a little lazy into it, as long as there is a time limit.

If you don’t restore your energy with some down time, you may run the risk of allowing your anxious mind to negatively effect your mood and your physical health.

~Lisa Schiro, M.S., LCPC