My *what*?

The hippocampus – the area of your brain that enables you to problem solve and be the intelligent human you are. This area of your brain is also the region correlated with memory consolidation and imaginal resources; this is a MAJOR part of your brain.

~Complaining shrinks this important part of your brain, according a study by Stanford University. And, just when the news couldn’t seem to be worse, the stress hormone, Cortisol, ‘floods’ the brain when you frequently complain. And, according a recent study by University of California Davis, over production of Cortisol impairs your immune system and creates susceptibility to higher levels of the ‘bad’ cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Sustained high levels of this stress hormone makes one vulnerable to strokes.

The story you tell yourself about your circumstances greatly affects the lens through which you view this thing called life. You see things as you are, not as they are. Be cautious what you read and with whom you fraternize. The saying of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ is only half true.

‘Garbage in, stays in.’

Everything that you let in and surround yourself with has to go somewhere. Why not fill your head with positive and inspiration information.

The Take Away?

Be a solution finder, not a problem dweller and check the story you are telling yourself; not all of your thoughts are true.