Fear is not the same as phobia. A fear is a congruent response to a mildly dangerous situation. Yet, once the feared situation is no longer a threat, the fear symptoms usually subside. A phobia, however, is in a class by itself.

A phobia is a persistent intense and irrational fear. It can range from very annoying to paralyzing. Some synonyms that come to mind are revulsion, panic dread and/or terror. The intensity of the fear in a phobia is so strong, that one will go to great lengths to avoid it. One must have symptoms lasting at least 6 months. A phobia interferes with work, school and/or interpersonal relationships.

If you believe you have a persistent phobia that is getting in the way of you living your best life, it may be time to seek some help. Often, a phobia is treated with exposure response, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy and/or EMDR. For more information, please visit K-Counseling.org.