End Self-Sabotage

Ever wonder why every time you commit that ONE THING that you want to accomplish, that one dream just out of your reach, that you begin to self-sabotage before you get there?
Well, we have all been there. You are not alone.
Self sabotage is so frustrating and is a frequent reason why so many goals are never realized. Since your brain likes what is familiar, it stands to reason that you must approach your goal in a different way – a way that is unfamiliar.
Otherwise, if you continue doing what you are doing, (i.e., self-sabotage), you’ll continue getting what you are getting (i.e., not reaching your goal).
Here are 3 simple tips to begin eliminating self-sabotaging behaviors.
1. Identify your goal.
2. Identify the self-sabotage events (i.e., how you have failed in the past) that keep you from reaching that goal.
3. Commit to 10% (measurable) weekly improvement, cumulative, actions that will help reduce the self-sabotage events.
Over time, with the small new changes, you will watch your self-sabotaging behaviors diminish and you will be more likely to achieve your goals over time.
Small steps are always easier to establish and maintain than large sweeping actions.
Every journey begins from the beginning….one foot in front of the other.
~You got this.