Your subconscious is your book of life. It never rests. It is independent of time or space and keeps you alive every second. It is the source of ideals, dreams and altruistic urges. It is a powerful mechanism you are equipped with that far transcends your intellect (conscious mind). William James, the father of psychology, stated, “The power to move the world is in your subconscious mind.”
Your subconscious cannot take a joke, nor can it discern fantasy from reality. Your subconscious mind is heavily influenced by your self-dialogue. What you believe is what you become. You create your reality.


You can challenge and modify negative self-dialogue. I challenge you to repeat the following phrase several times throughout each day for 7 days:

“Beauty, health, love, peace and abundance are mine.”*

You will be amazed how this simple technique can manifest into positive results in your life.
*Use visual prompts (stickies) posted around your home/working environment as a simple reminder