True Change Begins Within

There are a lot of motivational quotes & meaningful platitudes on social media. If they worked just by reading them, then many more people would be happy & successful. So, let’s get real on this post.

Quotes & platitudes are nice, but if you feel chaotic 🏃‍♀️& fearful 😳deep inside, then you need to take inventory and determine what led to those beliefs.

You know how to use a GPS to get you from California 🌴 to New York🗽, but you can’t get there with a broken automobile, 🚗 right?

Fear will hold you back most of the time. And, it just may be that the fear is rooted in a deep-seated belief that you don’t truly feel you deserve success.

So, how *do* people get what they want? How do they get to their destination?

Friends, fear & doubt come from outdated stories that you learned a long time ago. It was someone’s opinion of you or your interpretation of a past failure. Over time, those opinions can take root 🌱 and become your inner dialogue (AKA “Inner Critic”).

You have an Inner Critic that tries to protect you. It worries that you are taking a risk. Your brain doesn’t like risk….it tries to avoid it.

When your Inner Critic gets loud, thank him or her for their opinion. Refocus toward what you want. Finally, demand your Inner Critic to get in the back seat because you want to drive now. 💚 You have already done some pretty amazing things, Friend.

Your brain seeks pleasure.
Your brain avoids pain.

Focus on your grit & determination and attach massive pleasure to the everyday grind. You so got this.